Monday, October 1, 2007

But...wait! She's what???

Two. I think somewhere in the back of my mind I really thought she'd stay a baby forever. I look at her baby photos and really can't even remember what she was like. She's such a funny, sweet little stinker. I don't know where to begin to describe her personality and all she does. She passed the 2 year doctor's test with flying colors, because of course she is the smartest child ever. Grandma and grandpa came to town, and P got to spend her birthday weekend in a hotel, with a pool and fruit loops and a very funny maid who sang happy birthday. Grandma organized a very cute little party for her, and somehow the room was FILLED with presents. I've never seen such a spoiled child, yet I still love to get stuff for her. Maybe it's the expression on her face when she sees something new and wondrous, or hearing her exclaim "wow! doggies" when she rips off the paper.

I really really really wish I could figure out how this happened so that I could recreate it for Halloween.

Grandma found the most adorable little cake that was shaped like a Maltese puppy. Which of course she wouldn't eat. Her birthday cake was m&ms. See this look below? It's called her crusty look and she's almost got it perfected. I'm assuming by the time she is 12 she'll have it just right.

Cows. Or moos as P calls them. They were in our backyard. This is not a normal occurance, even though we live in farm country. I'm still a city girl so this was disturbingly fascinating to me.

See the wood on the left? That's my deck. And the trees in my backyard. And the cows in the trees.

I got this funny dog costume for our dog, but it was too small for her.

Paisley's "asses."