Thursday, September 21, 2006

Early birthday presents

Paisley received this great big box of presents
last week from her grandparents. She's not
spoiled. At all. We've opened some of them,
some fun books and CD's. She seemed more
interested in the paper than finding out what
was inside.

Her Papa also gave her an early birthday present.
I love the idea of having an area where I know
she's safe if I have to do something else. She,
however, does not like the idea so much. Instead,
she generously allows the cats to hang out in it.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Aack! Another week without posting! This kid
keeps me so busy!

Paisley's newest (one of the many) trick is trying to
cuddle with the animals, especially Maggie the
dog. Maggie the dog still is a little wary of this
tiny person that screams at her and hits her.
Paisley will crawl over to Maggie the dog's bed
and try to lie down next to MTD, but MTD
always jumps up like she's been bit and moves

Sometime Maggie the Dog doesn't want to
move, after all, it is HER bed, but her
discomfort is very apparent at having
the screaming small thing so close
to her.

Running away from the cuddlemonkey.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Little monster alert!!

Since it's been so long since I've posted, I
will now put way too many pictures of
our tiny (yet very adorable) monster.
I always heard that babies are more difficult (they
get into more) when they are mobile, but
I had no idea just what this tiny person
can do.

I gave her some green beans for lunch today.
She eagerly stuck one in her mouth, then
spit it out just as quickly. Then, she grabbed
as big of handfuls as she could and threw all
the green beans on the floor. I guess there is
a good reason to have a dog. She cleans up for
me after every meal.

Paisley finally learned to do the sign for "more"
today. It's pretty darn cute. Much better than
hearing her screaming when she wants more.

The destruction.

P loves cheese. She would eat a whole brick
of it if I let her. Instead I cut up one slice at a
time, and she has all the pieces stuffed in her
mouth in less than 10 seconds. It scares me
because I worry she'll choke, but it makes
me laugh as well.

Thursday, September 7, 2006

Time flies when you're chasing a baby around

It seems like my posts are getting fewer and
farther between, but it's been really hard to
find the time to sit in here and work on the
computer. Paisley HATES it when I'm on the
computer, hates as in screams and cries if I'm
doing this and not paying attention to her. So
I don't get on a whole lot.

I do have time to take loads of blurry pictures
of gross spiders on our house. This picture is
for you Janice, if you read this. Charles and I
stood outside the other night, just fascinated
as we watched this spider track his prey, then
wrap and wrap and wrap it into a cocoon.
Yeah, I don't get out much. Charles gets home,
we watch some tv, some stupid show with
stupid jokes, something I never would have
laughed at before, but now I find myself
rolling on the ground at the hilarity of it all.
And Charles just sits there, wondering where
his once normal wife went.

I haven't taken many pics of P lately, so I
thought I'd reminisce about this time last
year, and my ginormous belly. I sent out
invitations to Paisley's 1st birthday party
yesterday. I just can't fathom that she will
be 1 in just a few weeks. This year has
absolutely flown by. I know she doesn't NEED
a party, and as my dad said, it's more for the
adults anyway, but I need to do this for her. I
need to watch her eat her own cake, and
wear a dumb party hat, and cry because
everyone is looking at her. It's a milestone,

Sometimes I miss having her as a little
baby and can't believe she's not really
a baby anymore, but on the other hand,
it's so much better now. I'm not so tired,
we're not getting up at all hours of the night.
She has a schedule. I know exactly when she'll
eat, sleep, poop and play. She's interactive.
She plays games with us, she's funny and
entertaining. She's become a little person,
something I never could have imagined
a year ago, or even 6 months ago. I love
being with her, love showing her off because
she's just so damn cute, miss her when she's
asleep. She's just perfect.

Friday, September 1, 2006

No longer the lazy parent

My life as a lazy parent is now over,
now that Paisley has learned to crawl.
Yep, she figured it out this morning,
and is now into everything. She's still
pretty slow, but she's getting places.
Now I can't just plop her on the floor
with toys, because she won't stay there!

Last night I found an old credit card
and gave it to P to play with. Forgot
about it, and went to get her ready
for her bath. I think she was hiding
it to try to use later.