Monday, February 26, 2007

Finally! A post without videos.

Paisley is no longer a baby. Not at all. How'd that happen? She's such a little girl now, I cannot believe how quickly she's grown up. I never thought I'd forget what she was like as a baby, but I don't really remember much about it. I guess that happens so that women will want more than 1?

Paisley understands so much now, it continually blows me away. And the mimicking. Oh my gosh the mimicking. Charles and I need to be really careful what we say and do. As seen with the eyelash curler, I had no clue she was watching me. She finds kleenexes and blows her nose. In the bathtub she grabbed her washcloth and very meticulously scrubbed her arm. Then blew her nose in it. Then washed her arm. Eww.

She's learned a lot about her face, and calls noses "dues." She points to my nose and says "DUE!" Then to daddy's, then to the cats, and to her little people, etc. You get the picture. Then we move on to the ears, mouth, etc. My favorite is still the belly button because she'll pull up whatever she's wearing, even if it's a dress. One of these days we'll teach her it's not polite to flash people, but not yet.

EEI EEI EEI O! Is also often heard in our house. I'm not really sure where she learned it because Charles and I don't sing to her that often. Probably off of Baby Einstein. I know, we're horrible parents. We do sing that now with her, and she chimes in at the EEI O part, but includes an extra EEI. Love it.

She understands when it's bedtime, bathtime or time to change her diaper. If I ask her to go get her diaper changed, she walks to her bedroom. If Charles asks her, she lies on the floor wherever she is. That shows you our styles? Bedtime, she grabs her blanky and heads for her room. Bathtime she RUNS to the tub, and is so impatient that she tries to climb in while it's filling. She loves to hold her hand under the stream of water.

NO! is another new thing for her. She says it very defiantly, with a big head shake and often a hand pushing away whatever the offending thing is. It's scary because it's a little like "talk to the hand." Umm, she's 16 months, not 16 years.

She still pesters the cats to no avail. Being bitten doesn't deter her at all.

Pushing mama's buttons is also a new one. At least pushing them on purpose. She knows that I hate it when she stands on things (her rocking chair, my rocking chair, the rocking ottoman, etc), and they are usually put away so she can't get on them. When she is allowed, she gets one warning from me, but she doesn't seem to care. She just watches me watch her stand, and as soon as I come near her she sits down as quickly as she can. Then she loses privileges. She doesn't even cry anymore when they get taken away.

Kisses are fun too. I LOVE getting kisses from her. I tell her to kiss other things and she will, like her rubber duckies in the tub, her little people, husbands of my friends, the dog. She tried to kiss the dog today, but the dog just wasn't having it.

The funniest though is her relationship with her Dora doll. She got this doll from her Aunt Janet and Uncle Erik for Christmas, but has only recently taken an interest in her. She walks her around (by the hair), sits Dora in her highchair, the rocking chair, the dining room chairs, on her rocking horse. Paisley gets frustrated pretty easily though, because Dora tends to fall off of things as well. She brushes Dora's hair, gives her kisses, all of it very sweet, and gives me hope that she'll like dolls as she gets older. Her temper does kick in though when Dora just isn't cooperating, and Paisley responds by killing her (charles' term), which is launching her down the stairs. I promise, she did NOT learn that one from us.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

But it's SO cute

I know I know. ANOTHER video. But it's just so cute!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Feeding time is SO FUN with a toddler.

Paisley's favorite game; see how much we can stuff in our mouths at one time.
I'd write more about all the darling and not so darling things she does, but I'm exhausted. Maybe tomorrow...

This seems to be turning into a purely video blog. I guess I should also note that she did NOT hurt herself with the fork. She only got sour cream in her eyelashes.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

It's a cranky day

I love that my blog is advertising for adult diapers.

Here's ANOTHER video of my cute girl. She stole my eyelash curlers and demonstrated that she indeed knew how to use them, so I made her perform for the camera.

Monday, February 19, 2007

I like toddlers

I LOVE this stage Paisley is in. She constantly has me laughing, while she looks at me like, "what the hell woman?" She's always jibber-jabbering about something, and I would love to know what's going through her little head. Full on conversations on her phone (things used as a phone: remote, alarm clock, ball), getting into EVERYTHING, testing mama and daddy constantly. Right now she's leaving the room ( I can hear her little footsteps up and down the hall), then she'll burst in and yell at me. Over and over. She gets me to leave the computer to fill her cup, and while I'm doing that she run as fast as possible (which is still pretty slow) to the computer so she can pound on the keyboard. She's really into learning about her face, and has been able to point out her nose, eyes, mouth, ear, head, hair and bellybutton for awhile now, and lately she's realized that mama has a bellybutton too! And daddy has a nose! She points to everything on our face over and over while we tell her nose! mouth! ear! nose! head! nose! She tries to poke the cat's noses, but they've been rather unhappy with the child lately. Unfortunately, growling, hissing and biting don't deter Paisley and she still chases and pokes and pulls hair. I think they'll all just have to have it out one of these days and make their peace.

Paisley is like mama and gets really annoyed at inanimate objects. I'm sure when she really starts to talk some unlady-like things may come out of her mouth when the piano trips her or she steps on a really spiky toy. Her latest frustration was with an old ice cream bucket that she wanted on her head. Her head was just too big for the bucket to stay on, so daddy got out her really cool pink winter hat, and she wore that for a few days. The days that it actually got above freezing. The picture quality progressively gets worse, but show me someone with a 16 month old and good pictures!!

Isn't this mess impressive? That's just one small corner of the house.

Here's proof that it's impossible to take her picture. Everytime I try she attacks me. I'm literally on my back, trying to get away from her, but she just chased me around.

Friday, February 16, 2007

It's been a bad bad day

Maybe it's the fact that it's STILL snowing, or the fact that mama and dada just don't do what she wants when she wants, but Miss Priss was in a foul mood tonight. I think she screamed for, oh, an hour and a half? Finally I said, "let's get your pj's on," and she ran straight for her room. Screamed the entire time I dressed her, so I put her in bed directly from the changing table, an hour early (6:30!), and she hasn't made a peep since.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

It's -1 degree outside!!!!!!

I finally let Paisley try to feed herself with a spoon. She actually did a pretty good job. I'll spare you all the video of the actual meal, although it was really cute! Maddox also is happy that she's feeding herself because that means lots of goodies for him.

Remnants of the chocolate cake we made for daddy for Valentine's Day. Even though we didn't get a card or chocolates from him. But we're not bitter.
His punishment was that he had to go grocery shopping with us tonight, and he got stuck with the screaming child. It's typically a bad idea to skip dinner, and then let her diaper leak through to top it off. This kid GUZZLES water and juice, so she soaks her diapers and often leaks through. I've taken to putting her in larger diapers, and I have to really make sure I change her every few hours so she doesn't leak, but I guess we went just a little too long today.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Please! Make it stop!


Sunday, February 11, 2007

Weekend update

I just deleted an entire post. Dammit.Anyway, here's pics and video of Paisley hijacking the rocking chair and remote. Is it sad that she knows how to change the channel? Just like it's sad that when we go through a drive thru, she immediately starts whining for fries? Sorry if you guys are getting bored with videos, but I think they're pretty dang cute (as I'm usually laughing in the background), and I don't think the grandparents mind seeing her.

Papa came to visit this weekend, and babysat last night so we could go out. Thai food, mmm. So much better than frozen meals. Paisley found his shoes this morning and screamed and fussed until we put them on her, then Papa walked her around and around as she laughed and laughed.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Farts and Kisses

Paisley and I were practicing giving kisses. It was all very sweet and cute, then she farted loudly and laughed. She's so much like her father it's scary.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Monday, February 5, 2007


Has anyone seen this? Why haven't I seen it until today? It honestly made me want to cry and throw up at the same time.

Into everything

Paisley is into EVERYTHING. She's learned how to open our doors. Open and shut. Open and shut. Luckily the lock from the outside, and we've been keeping them locked anyway because of the cat. She has also learned about drawers, and regularly empties them or rearranges their contents. As I was typing this, I heard my music turn off and the tv start talking. Oh crap, I forgot to put her big hippo chair in the rocking chair. I ran out there, and sure enough she's sitting in the chair with her drink and the remote. We don't like her to be in the chair because she stands on it. And rocks. It scares the crap out of me. She's fearless, standing on anything, climbing on anything.

We went to our neighbors for a superbowl party, although it consisted of the men sitting downstairs watching the game, and the women upstairs talking about kids. Is that how it works now? Paisley was a menace, of course. Somehow she managed to get the bag of cheetos off of the table, dumped a bunch out, and shared them with her 9 month old friend. This was before she dumped a glass of wine all over herself. Okay, I don't mean to sound like she drives me nuts, I actually find most of this stuff amusing, but when we're at someone else's house, I feel bad.

Reading her books is a new obsession. That and tormenting the cats and feeding the dog. She brings us books and then climbs into our lap so we can read to her. Love that. Maybe she'll be a reader like me.

Does this house seem a little, oh I don't know, BIG? Out of place? This is now our view out the front window.

Sunday, February 4, 2007


Thanks for all your concern over my hair. It doesn't look much different, just took away the highlights. It was supposed to be blond. Not so much. The part that didn't get dyed was a big highlight, so now I've just got a big blond chunk. Cuz' I'm cool like that yo.

Here's Paisley's first attempt at drawing. Those color wonder markers are fabulous. I tried to give them to her a few months ago, and all she'd do was try to eat them. Now she understands the concept of putting them on paper, although she'll pretend to put it in her mouth and then look at me for a reaction. She's a stinker.

Kisses are her newest thing. We'll say, "give us a kiss" and she'll make this funny face where she sucks her lips in, trying to imitate us, I guess. Or she'll make fish lips. I tried to get pictures, but usually she's lunging for me so they didn't turn out so well.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

No no no!

I just tried dying my hair. And ran out of dye. Now what????