Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ice Storm

Holy hell it's been a long time. I've really been meaning to post about our fabulous trip to Disneyland, but just have not had a spare moment to do it. More like having a spare second that I wanted to spend blogging rather than bathing or sleeping. But seeing as right now the most pertinent thing in our lives has been the disastrous ice storm, I think I'll save Thanksgiving pics until the new year. Good news though, I love my job and Paisley loves her babysitter. It's so nice to get out of the house, I just couldn't handle being a stay at home mom. I need adult interaction! Paisley is learning a ton as well, is getting really good about going potty, and she always says please and thank you. She is such a sweetie!

I also want to say congrats to Girl Florida for getting her PhD. That's kick ass, and she's going to nursing school, and she's got a darling little girl, and she's younger than me. Such an inspiration. Also congrats to Emma and the birth of her beautiful little boy. And that's about as far as I've gotten by way of catching up on my blogs.

So I'm sure most of you have heard, or experienced this ice storm that hit the midwest. We lost power early Tuesday morning, and EVERYTHING was cancelled. Even the university shut down, during finals and all. My neighbors got ahold of a generator so P and I stayed there Tuesday night. Wednesday I didn't go to work, and the generator was being taken away so I was at a loss as to what to do. Decided to pack up and head to KC as my dad didn't lose power. Luckily, my friend from a town about 15 miles south of us called me just as I was heading out and said I could stay with her and her 2 boys. I am forever grateful to her, letting us invade her house and being so generous! I went back to work Thursday, Friday evening the power came back, and finally went home yesterday. I've spent my time taking really hot baths, doing laundry and sleeping. We definitely take for granted all the amenities that we have, and I really realized that this past week. I didn't want to have to go to a shelter, or miss more work. Thousands of people are still without power, and I'm incredibly lucky to be back in my warm home.

I know it's really sad what has happened to all these trees, losing limbs and such, but at the same time they are incredibly beautiful. I drove around a bit in the country today, and with the sun shining and every tree coated in ice, it was all really beautiful.
My freezer before the blackout.
Freezer after the blackout.
4 garbage bags full of food all going in the trash. It made me ill just thinking of all the food that was literally going down the drain. Hundred of dollars, if not more thrown away. That's hard to see, especially when the budget is so tight anyway.