Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Boo. Again.

I had more pictures to post, but since my computer is soooooooo slooooow, I'm not wasting ANOTHER hour waiting for these to upload.

So Halloween is over. I can't believe I've had Paisley for 2 halloweens now, and she still couldn't care less about it. We had a handful of trick-or-treaters this year, not nearly as many as last. Last year we ran out of candy so I started handing out fruit snacks and whatever else I could dig out of the pantry. So this year I bought two huge costco bags, thinking it'd all be gone by the time the night was over. Nope. Didn't even make it through one bag. Not at all good for mama's diet.

In Paisley news, SHE TOOK HER FIRST STEPS TODAY!!!! 3 or 4, I believe. The past few days she's been practicing standing alone, which she loves and finds really entertaining. Falls on her butt and gets right back up again. Over and over and over. Today she put some steps with it. I didn't think she'd really care, seeing as crawling takes her everywhere she wants to be, and then some. Maybe this determination will stick with her through the school years...

Her other thing is finding socks, and setting them on her feet. She knows that's where they go, she just doesn't understand how to get them on. She does this with her socks, daddy's socks, our neighbor's baby's socks...We're also doing "So Big!" which I would've posted a picture of, but since our computer won't upload pics, I guess I'll have to try again tomorrow.

Here's the sock thing. And her frog outfit. Unfortunately she was so grumpy that I took her out of her costume by about 6. I think she's getting sick (first time!), she had a runny nose today and would not let me put her down from 6 on. Rocked her to sleep. Huh, kinda like last Halloween.


I just spent a precious 30 minutes of Paisley's naptime uploading 4 pics, and now I can't find them. So frustrating. Because now she's awake. I'll try again later tonight (hopefully) after she goes to bed. Maybe even some pics of P in her costume. Perhaps since she's too little to take trick-or-treating, people will feel sorry for us and bring us candy.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

It's all a game

Does anyone have any ideas on how to discipline a one year old? Paisley
just doesn't listen. She gets into stuff she knows she's not supposed to,
and when I tell her no, she laughs. Even if I'm really stern, that's really
funny to her. Help! Her big thing is screaming. And she's usually extremely happy when she screams, but it's SO LOUD! It actually hurts my ears it's so
loud and high. Yesterday we were at the store and she started up, and it's
rather embarrassing, since people probably think I'm harming her in some
way. So I put my hand over her mouth and tell her no. She just laughs and
laughs, and screams some more. This happened probably a dozen times.
I just gave up. Any ideas?

Also, this whole new beta blogger thing has me quite confused. I can't figure out
how to use Hello to upload pictures, as it won't let me log on. Does anyone
know anything about that?

This picture is from today, last year. She was soooooooooo cute. She's still so cute,
but in a different way.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

She needs to learn how to talk

I decided to go with picture number 1. It received
just a few more votes than number 4. It seems
like I've really slowed down on taking pictures
lately, maybe because this kiddo never sits
still, so getting one that isn't blurry can be a challenge.
Turning 1 has been a real turning point for P.
She's really changed just in the past 2 weeks.
She loves to cuddle now, which she would
never do before. She hugs toys, cups, whatever,
but also will periodically come over to Charles
or myself and lay her cute little head on our leg
and sit there for a minute before returning to
play. She also signs for "more," which she has
done for awhile, but I now think it also means
"hungry" or "feed me!" I always ask her where
something is, and put my hands up in the "I
don't know" position. Elbows bent, palms up.
It's hard to describe. Anyway, this morning
I started asking her where things were and
she would make that gesture. She also found
her way into the bathtub (on daddy's watch),
where she seemed to be having a grand old
time playing with her toys. She must have
fallen in, but didn't get hurt. Pretty scary,
as we always keep the doors closed, but our
crazy cat reopens them if we don't lock them.
We have to be even more careful now to
watch where she is. I also found her eating
an earring this morning. Lovely.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Picture contest

Ok, I need all y'alls help again. Another baby
contest, and I don't know which pic to
enter. Please give me your opinions!





Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Being 1 is hard, I guess

It's been a hard few days for little miss Paisley.
She had her 1 year doctor's appt on Monday, where
she had to have 3 shots and blood drawn. I've
never seen her so pissed. Usually if she gets hurt,
she'll cry and then forget about it, but not with
these shots. She'd cry, calm down, remember,
scream some more, calm down, scream. We
finally got her calm and then took her to get blood
taken. They couldn't find her vein, so they were
poking a needle around under her arm, which
I know from experience that it doesn't feel
that great. They were finally able to get some
blood from the other arm, and then she
screamed and screamed and screamed some
more. At least I don't cry anymore when she

This morning she decided that Elmo needed
a new hairstyle. It's very serious business.

Elmo is also the first thing I've ever seen her
kiss. She puts her cute little face right up to him
and just barely touches him with her nose or

P used to be such a good eater, but the past few
days she won't eat anything. And it drives me INSANE.
I'll put food in her mouth and she just spits it
right out, or throws it on the floor. Food she
has had before and liked. I don't know what
the deal is with that, but I sure hope it's a phase
that passes quickly.

Monday, October 2, 2006

You've had a birthday, shout hurray...

My baby is no longer a baby. She is
a full-fledged one year old. Boo. We
took her to KC this weekend, where
we met up with Charles' parents who
flew in from Utah. How cool is that,
to have grandparents that fly all
the way just to see their grandbaby
turn the big 1? We had a cute little
party with family and friends, which
turned out to be lots of fun.

P had her first encounter with
balloons-which is both fun and
frustrating. They fly away, so we
finally put them out of her sight so
she wouldn't get upset that she couldn't
get them from going up in the air.

Her darling cake that Aunt Bev got
especially for her.

Waiting for cake.

It started out innocently enough...she very
delicately picked up icing with her fingers and
tasted it. First the blue, then the red, then the
yellow. Had to make sure they're all the same,
of course.

Just a little messy. She didn't smash it, or even
get to the actual cake. When she was finished
she started flinging it on the floor (which is what
she usually does when she doesn't want anymore),
getting pretty blue icing all over Papa's white
walls. She also got lots of cool toys and gifts,
and grandma is here for a week to play (and keep
mama company!).