Sunday, September 7, 2008

Trucks and Cinderella

Paisley is sick. Of course. Second week of school, and her entire daycare has runny noses. I work there a few hours a week in 2 different classes, and I swear all I do all day is wipe noses. It's gross. And now P has it. I thought she would have all her immunities built up from last winter, when she got sick EVERY MONTH for 8 months. It may be the weather, I suppose. Stoopid hurricanes. Usually Kansas is hot hot hot in September, but it's been rainy and cold. I hate it. I am so not ready for the winter, and especially not prepared if we have the same kind of awful ice storm as we did last year. Also with school I absolutely CANNOT miss school. All of my classes have policies that missing more than 1 class docks your grade by an entire grade! Ridiculous. I thought that's what college was all about, being able to choose going to class and choosing to do the work.
Lately I've been trying to keep track of all the Paisley's been doing lately, because she is so freaking funny. She must pick up a lot at school because she doesn't at home! Now of course I can't find it. My house is a DISASTER.
-P is a follower. She got written up at daycare because she was part of a small group that rather than listening to her teachers, she ran after some kids that were heading right for the street. Argh. There's a little boy in her class that is a troublemaker. She also doesn't listen when it's naptime at school. They sleep on little cots, and they have a hard time getting her to stay in bed. This is one reason I am not tempted to put her in a big girl's bed.
-We decided to try gymnastics again for the fall. I was worried because last spring was difficult for her. She didn't want to listen to the teacher and I had to sit in there with her. She did GREAT yesterday. I was so relieved. Her friend Mackenna is in the class with her so that may have helped.
-The other day we were teasing each other in the car, her saying "no!" and I was saying "yes." I tried to change it up by saying no, and she got pissed. "No! My no!"
-She told me that Caesar, our cat, is her best friend. Best friend? Where did that come from?
-The whining. Oh. My.Hell. Does it stop????????
-Kay. Found the list.
-She's getting really good at playing pretend. Her favorite is to play mommy and I'm "Pasey." She'll get her purse and put on her Cinderella heels, and telling me to get my shoes on because we're going to the store. Or we're going to go see Emmett, India, Adam and Cassie. My bro and his family.
-She has a toothbrush with a car on it, and she didn't want to use it because it was a "boys" toothbrush. A boy's? I didn't teach her that.
-Playing with the dolls in her playhouse, the mommy kisses "Pasey" goodbye. Or once a conversation that sounds like this:
-Paisley: I want candy
-Mommy: No candy
-Paisley: I want cheese
-Mommy: Just a minute
-She loves to play birthday party. She'll sing me a condensed version of Happy Birthday, then give me a present. It may be a pretend present, or a basket wrapped in a kitchen towel containing fake food. I think she'll love having a bday party (in 3 weeks! That' so wrong.)
-We were driving to school the other day and passed an ice cream place that is being built. It has a huge ice cream cone on the front, and she said "wow! It's beautiful!"
-Right now she is obsessed with trucks (and cinderella, but whatever). The entire drive to and from town (25 miles each way) she points out EVERY SINGLE TRUCK. We live in a very...agricultural that means there are many many trucks. "Look mommy! A truck!" And if I don't say that I see it, she gets mad. Argh. Get's just a little annoying.