Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Trip to KC

I'm putting this picture on for several reasons.
Janice, my friend on the far right, had her
engagement party last weekend, so P and I
went to KC to attend. Daddy stayed home, sick
in bed. They're planning their wedding for next Miami. Anyone who would like to donate
to my Miami fund, please let me know.

My friend Kim, the other bridesmaid, has a
birthday tomorrow. And since I haven't gotten
a card/gift, I thought a public "Happy Birthday"
was the next best thing.

Also, Charles and I celebrated our 2 year
anniversary on the 14th, and I never made
mention of it. So here we are, Paisleyless
and mama's still skinny!

Paisley was able to see her cousins while we
were in KC, although she wasn't very nice to Emmett.
I think she really enjoyed seeing him, she just
didn't realize that she can't push and poke him.
Sorry Emmett.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The many emotions of one child

Almost almost almost crawling. She'll get up
like this, move her hands forward, but then
doesn't realize she has to move her legs as well
and she collapses onto her tummy.

Like I said. Actually, I think she was throwing
a fit here. Don't remember why, as she throws
them quite often. Isn't she too young for that?

Trying on shoes. She found it hilarious
to put them on, but once she realized
how heavy they were and that
she couldn't lift her feet, she started
screaming. This is the kid whose toes
never stop moving, unless she's asleep.
I can always tell if she's awake or
asleep in the car by whether or not
her toes are wiggling.

Again, like I said. Mad at the shoes.

Then back to happy.

Her gremlin face. She does this when
she's really happy, and it involves
a lot of heavy breathing and
snuffling through her nose.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Grandma and Grandpa come to visit

Grandma and Grandpa just left after being here
for almost a week. It was a great visit for everyone.
Paisley had someone to constantly hold her
or walk her around, and mom and dad got some
much needed rest. Plus Grandma and Grandpa
spoiled all of us, which is always quite fun. I made
them explore different towns around us
that I'd been wanting to check out for awhile.
We all went to Paxico, which has a winery,
where Charles and I sampled blueberry, blackberry,
peach, elderberry and spiced wine. Karen and
I also went to Alma, which didn't have a whole
lot, but they're famous for their cheese and original
stone. So we bought a bunch of cheese.

In my walker that I finally learned how to use.
I cruise all over the kitchen and dining room,
but find it the most fun when I chase animals
around and try to run them down.

Eating the delphiniums.

We gave her a slice of raw onion, which she
sucked on for quite awhile. Yuck yuck yuck.

A friend lent us the whole collection
of Baby Einstein DVDs. Paisley was
quite enthralled when we put one
in for her.

Grandma and Grandpa bought me this really
cool car seat that I love. It's animal print and
really soft and really comfy. Now my head doesn't
flop forward when I sleep in it. The only problem
is getting in and out of mommy's 2 door car.

Grandpa loves taking pictures of me in the tub.
There are lots of Paisley's bum pics out there.

Paisley cut her second tooth while they were here
so they saw the grumpy side of her, but I think they
still like her. It was a great visit that ended way too
soon. Thanks G & G for everything!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Our own little Jon-Benet

I know I've mentioned before that
we only had Paisley so that we
could torture her. This is what happens
when Daddy is home for a day, and it's
storming, so he can't do anything else...
I think I may ask him to start doing
my eyeshadow. He got the contouring
thing down really well.

Monday, August 7, 2006


10 months really seems to be a jumping off
point for Paisley. She learns something new
EVERYDAY. I can't keep up. She's figured out
how to pull herself up, but only on us. She won't
do it on furniture, I think she has trust issues.
She is constantly getting on her belly from a sitting
position so that she can get something that is
out of reach. She's even gotten herself back up
to a sitting position, but that's only happened
a few rare times. She's finally started to show
interest in non-baby food, and doesn't spit
EVERY solid thing out, just most of it. She
will now eat Veggie puffs, but has also
enjoyed guacamole (by the spoonful), lasagne,
yogurt, feta cheese, various cheese and meats,
black olives and pears. It must be a sodium
deficiency, since the only thing I ate while
pregnant was sugar. This above pic is after
scrounging lasagne off of daddy's plate.

We're also pointing. At everything.

Family of pointers. She's also walking, with help.
She would walk all day if we let her. She gets mad
if she wants to stand and we don't hold her.
She's really starting to show signs of a little temper.
I left her at the neighbors today for a few hours
while I went to the dentist, and after I picked her
up she screamed at me for about 4 hours.

Friday, August 4, 2006

We're so proud

I've wondered how long it would take.

This storm was more menacing than it looks.
Luckily we didn't have to grab all the animals
and run to the hidey hole.

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Feeling left out

Caesar has been feeling a little left out lately,
since only Paisley gets her picture taken and
posted for everyone to ooh and aww over.