Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Whiny days

Happy anniversary to my in-laws, Karen and Calvin. They've been married for a crazy amount of time, like 42 years. And they're not even old. My MIL has been visiting for the last week, and she's driving me crazy! Just kidding, she's amazing, and is really like another mother to me, but also like my best friend. I wish she didn't live all the way in Utah, I'd rather she just moved in with me. She doesn't get frustrated with Paisley the way I do, she has a lot more patience, and because it's not her child she finds her antics hysterical. I actually usually do too, unless it's the constant whining and pleading to go outside.swing.slide.cobey.pool.show.blankie.juice.walk.byebye. I guess it doesn't help that I can see her two top eyeteeth under her gums. That can't feel good. Anyway, here are the absolutely gorgeous roses that Calvin begged me to go to town to get so sweetly ordered from a flower delivery service and had sent to my house.

Karen also spoils this child rotten. Here's Paisley's birthday present, although I'm sure it won't be the only one. Must say though that buying a swingset at the end of the season is a great idea. And? I put it together ALL BY MYSELF. Well, Karen read the instructions but I did all the grunt work. I only had to take it apart maybe 6 times, so it was a success. The empty spot now has a baby swing hanging, so I know we'll be living in the back yard for the next 2 months. I was surprised at how much my ass was sore the day after we did this! I should put these together all the time, it's a good workout.

Here's my budding gymnast. She's seriously a monkey.

Paisley loves to attack me and use me as her jungle gym.

I went to get her from her nap the other day, and found this. She was able to open the drawers on her crib and threw all of her tights across the room. I never realized how many tights she had. Guess we'll be wearing skirts all winter.

This is one of my favorites. I love watching her pretend play, and I guess the baby needed to go potty. We've been working on Paisley going potty, but haven't gotten very far. I'm just trying to get her used to the idea first. She does enjoy sitting on it, and asks frequently to sit on it without her diaper. Maybe one of these days something will actually happen.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Terrible almost twos

Paisley is almost 2. She definitely acts like it. I always thought the phrase "terrible twos" was just a saying. It's not. She's a little hellion. I'm thinking they act like this because they understand most things, but they can't communicate what they want or how they feel, so they get frustrated easily. I just try to take that into consideration when I'm so frustrated with her, and it usually helps me stay calm and patient. Usually. I can't seem to get anything done with her around, because she is either constantly begging for my attention or getting into something she couldn't. This morning she opened the front door and was headed for the street! So if anyone ever comes to my house, that's why it's a mess. It's so nice to have P to take the blame.

This was way back in June, but I love how she manages to get M&Ms all over her face. And hands. And clothes.

Her other favorite food: chips. Any kind, anywhere.

These colorwonder things are awesome. The markers and fingerpaints are great because they are clear and only work on a certain paper. No messy fingerprints on the wall! The paints do get a little goopy, but when you stick your whole finger in I guess that's what happens. It's a little hard to clean off too. And Paisley? So proud of her, she only tried to eat it once.

Her obsession with shoes has reached a whole new level. She's conned her grandmother into helping her take her shoes off and on. And off. And on. Over and over and over...at least 20 times a day. Same shoes on and off, my shoes, her other shoes. It's a little ridiculous. She takes her sandals off in the car, then gets mad at me because I can't put them on while I'm driving. She picked these tennis shoes out, I would not normally pair a cute dress with tennies.