Thursday, July 24, 2008

Working on it

I'm getting there. I'm slowly trying to figure out this new blog stuff. I can't get flickr/youtube to work, so if anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears. 

On to Miss P. She is in Utah right  now with her Grandma and Grandpa. She left on Sunday and I sobbed like an idiot saying goodbye to her at the airport. I get to go get her on Saturday, so I'm getting very antsy. This is the longest I've ever been away from her, and dammit, it's hard. She seems to be having a really good time, as she is spoiled like the princess she thinks she is. It'll be an adjustment to come home to her wicked witch of a mother. I call her everyday and our conversations consist of this:

P: Hi Mommy!
Me: Hi Sweetie!!!!!
P: I'm with Grandma and Grandpa. 
Me: What are you doing?
P: Bye mommy.
Me: Wait! Don't go!
P: Bye!
Me: I love you!
P: I love you too.
Me: I miss you!
P: Gone.

At least she's enjoying herself and  I know she's in great hands. I'm hoping she'll be potty trained when I get there, but doubt it. Anyone have any tips on potty training? Why is it so hard???? 

I'll post some new pics as soon as possible. My new gorgeous Macbook doesn't have a place for my camera card so can't do it yet. I'm finding it hard to get pics of her anymore because she just won't hold still!


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

No more daycare drama. Hopefully.

Miss Tina quit (the other teacher), almost as soon as I wrote that post. Something about how she wanted the 7:30-2:30 schedule, but instead they gave her the 9:30-5:30 schedule and she was pissed. So she quit, and is starting a daycare in her home, which she told me I could take P to. She'd probably walk around in her underwear. Today when I dropped P off, Tina was wearing very short shorts, and very revealing top. I know all too well about the tattoo she has on her chest, right above her bra line. So needless to say, I'm not too upset about her leaving. I actually applied there to be a student worker, just to get a few hours here and there while in school. It doesn't pay nearly as well as this job, but at least it would pay for gas. Plus, the experience will be good for my resume. I'm just worried about being around P, and making it harder for her if she sees me a lot, because she'll want to stay attached to me. I just got a call for an interview Friday, so maybe I can express interest in a different age group. Nursery perhaps?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I quit my job yesterday. This was both a relief and a sad day. I have the best boss and supervisor ever. Never had anyone like them, and I've had lots of jobs. I've decided that I need to really focus on school so that I can finish in 2 years. Fat lot of good an English degree did. Especially since I can't remember how to write or spell anymore. Advice to anyone going to school: DO WELL! If I had really focused then I could be getting a Master's right now. Sigh...
Instead I'm doing Elementary Ed, which is what I started out with (8 years ago!). It's hard to go to school with a bunch of youngins, I feel old. Especially with my 10 year high school reunion sometime this summer. Seriously? How the hell did that happen? I'm working until right when school starts, so it's still about 6 weeks.

Paisley finally got into the child development center here on campus. She was on the waiting list for 8 months, but it is a great place, the best in the entire city. The only thing that bugs me is that P started out with an amazing teacher, Miss Melody. The student employee what also great, Miss Molly. P LOVED them. They always gave me feedback everyday on how P did. The center ended up switching classes around to make them more age oriented. P was in a room with all ages, up to 4. Now she's in a class with 2-3 year olds. This is all fine and dandy, but I'm not pleased with the new teacher. She's nice enough, but I never see her. When I do, she's always dressed rather skankily. Lots of cleavage and short shorts. This in fine for spare time, but teaching 2 year olds? I find in unprofessional. Then to top it off, they hired a new teacher, Kim. I know Kim. She's from my town, and I have not heard good things about her. Her son used to be babysat by my neighbor, and she didn't really like him. Then Kim opened a daycare in her home, but obviously not doing that anymore. Now when I go to get P, Kim seems to be so frazzled that I can't even talk to her. I'm glad to get her out of her old daycare anyway. It was an older lady, with no kids, who started a daycare in her home. She did all the classes and was licenced, but I had issues with her. First of all, she would make comments about other kids to me and other parents. Talk about unprofessional. Every time I went to pick P up, the kids were sitting at the front door with their coats on, ready to go. Seriously? That's ridiculous. It's sad because for the longest time P would say "No Jean!" everytime we'd get into the car. Even now if we even drive in that neighborhood she freaks out and says "No Jean!"