Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What the hell?

Charles told me about this today when he got home. Did anyone else hear about it? It makes me sick...

Police ignored woman’s pleas
Tape shows two officers dismissed repeated calls for help. Department plans an investigation.
The Kansas City Star

Police tape of the arrest of Sofia Salva video
Two Kansas City police officers repeatedly ignored a pregnant woman’s claims that she was bleeding and needed medical help, a police videotape released Tuesday shows.
Sofia Salva told officers nine times during the first five minutes of the stop that she was bleeding or wanted to go to a hospital. After the ninth request, a female officer asked: “How is that my problem?”
Salva requested help at least 12 more times during the 30-minute encounter nearly a year ago. The officers arrested her for traffic violations, including a fake temporary license tag, and outstanding city warrants.
The next morning, after being released, she delivered a premature baby boy who lived one minute, according to a lawsuit Salva filed Friday.

Read the rest of the story and see the police video here.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I haven't posted for a week, and really have no excuse. It's too cold? I haven't been taking a whole lot of pictures either, as my child doesn't pose anymore. She runs away instead. This month has flown by for us, and I can't really name anything we've done. Charles is back in school, but he's also finished wiring our basement!!!! That means one step closer to having a finished basement, and place for P to put all her toys, a place for mom to actually do some scrapbooking, and a place to lock up the cats and their stinky litter.

Does anyone do an entire load of laundry before realizing they forgot to put soap in, or is it just me that does this?

I dressed P in this cute plaid skirt the other day (thanks Beca!), along with some cute tights, when we noticed this. I'm not sure where we got them, but I can safely assume they've seen some good use prior to P wearing them.
It's hard to tell in this pic, but I found an old pink plastic bracelet and put it on P's right arm. Not the cute, swarovski crystal one (my friend Bridgit made that for her), but the other one. She LOVED it and was so proud to wear it. She walked around very carefully, with her arm straight out ahead of her so that it wouldn't fall off.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Oh happy day!

A little reminder for everyone to go get the SHINS new album today! I've been waiting for this one for awhile, so that makes for one happy Tuesday. Also, Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars are -finally- back on tonight with new episodes. It's all about the little things in life, right?

Sunday, January 21, 2007

I never woulda thunk it...

Totally random, I know, but thought it was too odd to not share. In all my fears of dying (I'm a little too much of a wuss), I never would have imagined that I'd get eaten.

You scored as Eaten. Your death will be death by wild animals. You will probably get eaten by a bear or shark something because you don't know the natural safety precautions and are ignorant.







Natural Causes


Cut Throat


















How Will You Die??
created with

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Snow sucks

It's snowing...again. We took Paisley out for her first real experience, since we were all sick last weekend. She didn't like it. It was cold, and the first thing she did was fall on her face, which I luckily got on video. We laughed our asses off at her, which we probably shouldn't have, but it was just too funny. Here she is first bundled up. She was like that kid in the Christmas story. She waddled instead of walked. Outside she'd only walk if we held her hand.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Officially a toddler

Have I mentioned how much Paisley has changed? She's like a whole different kid. She's definitely not a baby anymore, which is both good and bad. Good, because she's more independent, but bad because she was such a cute baby! Her language has exploded over the past few weeks, which is funny because I was so worried about her not talking. She's always been a babbler, but now she has actual words to say as well. She's said "dada" forever, which drove me nuts, but now she says "mama," but usually only when she's upset. That's okay. She says "hi" all the time, but she always has to stick her tongue out of the side of her mouth when she does. I need to try to get it on video, it's pretty goofy. She also meows and barks (at the correct animal) when she sees them, or if you ask her what a dog or cat says, she can tell you. She also says "go" (as loudly as possible while pointing to the dog-oops), "wow," "boo, "ball," "grampa," "papa," and "kitty." She's only said boo, ball and kitty two or three times, but it was definitely a repeat of what we had said. She ADORES her grampas, which is why I think she says both grampa and papa so well. Sorry Grandma.

She understands so much too, it blows me away. Lately she's been OBSESSED with her coat. I thought it was just a Utah thing, a comfort, where she always wanted to wear it, but no, she's doing it here as well. Wants to wear her coat, her shoes, and carry around her blanket. If she gets upset, she'll go find her blanket, THEN come back and snuggle me. At least it's not a pacifier. This morning we were getting ready to go somewhere, and I told her we needed to put her coat on. She walked out of our bedroom, giggling, down the hall and to the front closet where we hang the coats. Then she pounded on the door until I got out her coat. Then she goes and stands by the front door, which is funny to me because we never use the front door. We always go out the garage.

She can point to her nose, mouth, head and bellybutton. We're working on her ears. When you ask where her bellybutton is, she has to pull up her shirt to find it. That's difficult in onesie pajamas, and she gets a little frustrated. We used to ask her all the time where something was, and she'd hold out her hands in a question (arms out in an upside down V; palms up), but lately she walks around doing that and saying "dago?" I believe this means "where'd dad go?" because she does it usually when he's gone or sleeping. She'll go to his side of the bed or to the bedroom door and ask. It's freaking cute. She's a smart little bugger.

She had her 15 month doctors appointment today. She's 31.5 inches tall, and 20 pounds. That's 75th and 6th percentiles, respectively. 6th percentile! Charles and I couldn't believe it. I knew she was skinny, but still. She eats ALL THE TIME. And she eats a lot. All of her 18 month pants are too big, but then 12 month pants are too short. Very frustrating, because obviously not all babies are the same size. I'd put her in dresses, but it's been so cold lately that I want her bundled up.

Here she is being just like mom and dad. Charles was watching her the other morning while he ran to garbage to the curb, and when he came back, she was lounging in the rocker with her sippy cup in one hand and the remote in the other. We usually have the couch gated off because she likes to stand and jump on it, and lately we've been having issues with her standing on the big rocking chair and her small one. They get taken away from her on a daily basis.

This one is for grandma. Maggie is very thankful for her shirt. Can't you tell?

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Temper tantrum

I think she got the Walker temper.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sick sick sick

Why is it that every time Charles has the weekend off, we're all deathly ill? I was rereading the last post, and realized that in our competition to see who could drink the most cough syrup, my grammar was a little off. Oops. In other news, it's finally winter here. It's 12 degrees, the wind chill is 2 degrees, and 100% humidity. Boy, that's fun.

Here we are at the SL airport waiting to go home. Paisley is eating her favorite meal, fries, and learned the inevitable toddler trick of eating ketchup. It may be boring, but we thought it was dang cute.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Back from Happy Valley

We're back from Utah, but now we're all sick. Paisley started coughing as soon as we touched down in KS, and has since spread it to Charles and myself. I guess it's good that we weren't sick on vacation. We had a great time in Utah, although it went to quickly, and we weren't able to see all the people we had intended. You'd think in 10 days that we could get everything accomplished, but

no, we didn't. I wanted to post sooner and more info, but I've just felt so crappy. Plus, she's in bed so I want to go lie down as well! Once things settle down, I'll put up some cute videos. Paisley has learned SO much over the past 2 weeks, it's just incredible. She's like an entirely different child.

She loves the piano. Every piano she saw, she had to pound on the keys. She especially enjoyed playing duets.
She is now OBSESSED with chairs. She went for her cousin's chairs immediately, and now that we're home, she'll climbs into the two small chairs she has. She'll also climb into our big glider, then watch me as she stands in it. She has started to figure out which buttons to push to get mama mad. Well, not mad exactly, but she knows she gets attention that way.

She is also obsessed with shoes and coats. The whole time we were in Utah, she would bring me her shoes and ask to put them on. Ask as in whine and cry until I did it. She would also find her coat and make whoever was around put it on her. I thought this would end once we got home, but no, it hasn't. Charles got up with her this morning, and when I got up, she was wearing her coat over her pjs.

We found her the cutest, coolest shoes ever. She loved them the moment she saw them and wore them around the store. Charles and I loved them too, so we got them for her. They're just too dang cute to pass up. They also came in pink and orange, but Charles insisted on the green. We paid more than I would normally feel comfortable paying for a pair of baby shoes (more than $10), but how rockin are they?

I'd post more, but I'm going to take a nap.