Friday, April 11, 2008

2 and a half

I've been so slack in posting, obviously. I have so many pictures downloaded, easter, grandma, cousins, random, but just haven't quite gotten around to posting them, again, obviously. Paisley has just changed SO MUCH. Everyday she surprises me with the new things she says and does. I always think that I'll remember everything, but obviously I don't and desperately need to be writing these things down.

-Paisley is SUCH a girlie girl. There are all sorts of debates out there about whether or not having girl/boy tendencies are innate or not, and I know for a fact that they are. Paisley will choose baby dolls over blocks, playing kitchen over playing cars, putting on shoes, etc. She absolutely loves her babies. Pushes them around in a stroller, feeds them, puts them to bed. Loves her pretend kitchen which is right by mommy's kitchen. She cooks and pretends to fill up cups from the pretend tap with "juice." She'll bring it to me with a spoon and tell me that it's "hot." Then she'll ask "want more?" while nodding her head vigorously up and down. She also takes a cup of juice along with a spoon to each of our (4) cats and places it in front of them.
-She's gone from saying "ok" to everything to saying "yes." Not necessarily a big deal, but the way she says yes is too adorable. It's pronounced yee-es.
-Someone taught her about being scared (mostly of cars). I personally want to find this person and strangle them. Anyway, if we're by a car (in a driveway, parking lot) she says "don't get run over!" Over and over again. It's gotten to the point where she won't move because she's afraid of getting run over. Seriously. IN THE GARAGE she won't walk from the car to the door. She used to love running around outside, now she won't move off of the porch. Screamed hysterically until I carried her from the porch to the garage. All of 10 feet. Even at my dad's house she sat and watched her 2 cousins run around Papa's yard playing while she just sat on the porch and watched. Yeah, so, whoever taught her that? Thanks a bunch.
-On the scared realm, she also uses it towards people. Her great-uncle who is great with kids was making faces at her from across the room. She'd giggle, then get serious and say "scared." She even did it to me last night while I was teasing her. I don't know if she's trying to say we're being scary or if she's scared. We were playing with this littlest pet shop carnival last night, and she put the "mommy" dog on a ride, and it was too big of a dog and it fell off. She exclaimed "oh my gosh!" "Scared" Then she would pet this little tiny dog, wipe away it's tears and then kiss it, cuddle it, then sing "rock a bye doggy" while cradling it in her arms. I've never ever seen anything cuter in my entire life. She repeated this a bunch of times, so I ran to get the camera so I could take a video of it so everyone else could die from cuteness, but of course she wouldn't perform.
-She loves to watch "shows." She has a rotation of Dumbo, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland and 101 Dalmations. Also know as "elfents, cinderwella, wunland, and doggies.
-She has to do EVERYTHING and screams if I do it. From opening the door to let the dog in and out, opening the fridge door and getting out the juice bottle (she's brought the juice bottle to me a number of times that I wasn't expecting, my bedroom, on the toilet...) to having to take off clothes by herself. She doesn't say "I do it," instead she says "My help you." She's pretty good about getting dressed, if she wants to do it. My biggest struggle is trying to get out the door in the morning, and she's taking forever getting her shoes on, and screams at me when I try to do it.
-She doesn't like me to read her books. This makes me very, very sad. I would be very happy to do nothing but read all the time. Seriously. She'll get some and we'll sit on the couch next to each other, she'll give me one, then about 2 seconds take it from me, take it back to the bookshelf and get another one.
-She's usually a very obedient child (is the right word?). She (usually) does what I say, picks up her toys before getting out another, etc. When she's really tired or hungry she's more difficult to deal with. I think she learns a lot of this at the babysitter, which is helpful.
-She's a cuddlebug. She loves to be held or carried. She kisses me a lot, and there is absolutely no better feeling than when she squeezes those little arms around my next and gives me a kiss. Last night we were playing night-night (I'll get to that) and so we were laying next to each other on the floor and I put my arm under her head, and she moved so I thought she was going to push my arm out of the way, but instead she slid her arm under my neck and then gave me a huge hug and kiss. I remember laying there and thinking, "I never want this moment to end." Yikes, I'm a cheeseball.
-She likes to play "night-night." This consists of her making me lie on the floor, then she'll give me one of her baby's pillow, and then she'll cover me with one of her baby's blankets, say "close eyes mommy! Night night mommy! Wuv you! See ya later!" Then she turns out the light and leaves the room, shutting the door. Then I yell "Paisley, all done!" (that's what she says when she wakes up, although she says mommy rather that paisley, duh) and I hear her saying "all done? okay." And she comes back and then we do it all over again. Sometimes she doesn't even leave the room, but as soon as she puts the blanket (very carefully, by the way, arranging it very nicely to cover some random part of my body) on me, she says, "all done mommy? all done night-night? Okay."
-She loves pancakes, mac and cheese, pizza, grapes and m&ms and cheese and most processed meats. Mmm. Sometimes for dinner she'll eat a piece of bologna and about 6 thick slices of cheese. I'm the same way though, give me a chunk of cheese and call me happy.

Maybe I'll keep writing little tidbits about her activities until I finally get off my lazy ass and post pics.