Sunday, November 9, 2008

Belated Birthday Photos

I really believe that Paisley is the most spoiled 3 year old ever. She had 2 birthday parties, her grandparents flew in from Utah just for the occasion, and she got way too many presents. Unfortunately many of those presents came from me. I told her grandmother that the only present I wanted her to give Paisley was the potty training lesson. Which she did. Such a relief having a potty trained kid. If I had known how easy this was I would have done it a looooong time ago. Paisley's first party was at my dad's house with her cousins and a few family/friends. Nothing special, just pizza and cake. Her second party was on her actual birthday at our house with grandma and grandpa and some of her girlfriends. Pizza and cake, once again. And way too many presents.

Grandma loves dolls, and really wanted Pais to have an American Girl Doll. They came out with the toddler edition, since before they only had big girls and babies. It comes with all sorts of accessories, a potty!, and Grandma even sewed some adorable outfits.

I'm having problems with the pictures and such, so I'm giving up for now. I'll try to add more pics as soon as possible.
Birthday morning. She was so excited to wear this princess nightgown, as she is obsessed with everything princess. Her hair is especially nice, since she slept in french braids.
The costco cake at Capa's.

I really wanted to


Laura said...

What a fabulous birthday! Isn't three such a cute age? Maddie just had her birthday and it was so cute to see the excitement. That's awesome that grandparents flew in and toilet trained her. Dreamy.

Emma in Canada said...

You really wanted to what?????

I do so love her in that dress!

Oh, and my mother always says :If you can't spoil your children who will?" Not that we were spoiled. Fine time for her to take that attitude!

Sugar and Ice said...

I know I'm way later here...sorry! Happy birthday to Paisley!!

PamperingBeki said...

What a little doll!!