Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oh blogger, how I miss thee.

Yes. We are here. And for some reason I can't get this type not blue or underlined. So life has been one big blur these past few months. I'm going to school full time and working, and Paisley is going to daycare. It's a lot of work! That seems to be the extent of our existence right now. She loves daycare though, so that's a huge relief. I feel like a bad mother though because I let her watch more tv than I should (it's only old Disney movies) because I need time to myself to do homework, etc. I also have no patience it seems, or she's just always in my way.

She is getting so funny, she's constantly making me laugh, unless she's making me yell. Which happens more than I like to admit. Now it's typing normally...huh. The other day we were driving home and there was a bag of catfood in the seat next to her. She asked me, "mom, when I'm a cat, can I eat catfood?" "I guess so, when you're a cat you can eat catfood." "They'll have to take off my eyes, and nose, and chin and arms and butt." "Won't you also need to grow a tail?" "It'll hurt when they take off my butt." Where does this stuff come from? She's so funny to talk to, and I can't believe that we hold normal conversations now.

We've been working a lot on listening ears, because Paisley doesn't seem to have any. I've tried many different tactics, and the one we're doing right now is marbles in a cup. One in for listening, one out for not. I'm not sure yet what the magic number will be, but she doesn't need to know that. We've also got a jar for no accidents. She's been potty trained since the beginning of October, but will go through times where she has an accident everyday. So we counted 7 days that she didn't have accidents, and she was able to go to the store and pick a prize. It only took her 8 days, so she definitely understood this concept. She picked a Barbie movie, and oh hell it's awful. She likes it though. The next prize will not be so fancy or pricey, perhaps a candy bar or a trip to the dollar store. At least it's an incentive she understands, because she's had a tangible reward.

These are some old Christmas pictures. This is P with her favorite little cousin, Emmett.

With another cousin, Miles. She was a little unsure of him, as he tended to take toys away from her.

All the cousins at Christmas. This is probably the best shot of the group.
With her Aunt Jenny.
"Take my picture!"


Plainbellied said...

I love the conversation about becoming a cat. I'm sure she's right. It would hurt if they took off her butt.

My girl is 4 going on 5 and we still have trouble with the potty. Not puddles on the floor, but damp panties. *sigh* I think it may have something to do with her new baby brother... She says going to the potty is boring.

Beca said...

I am so glad to see a post. I have been thinking about you guys. I am glad to hear an update.

Ashley said...

Look who's taking Beca! When are you due again?

angie said...

You're alive!!!!! So glad to see a post. Was miss'n updates on P. Need to check up on ya more on FBook ;-)

Beca said...

I'm due March 12th, and I finally updated my blog over the weekend. I was considering letting it die, but decided to give it one more go.

Your live traffic feed makes me feel like a bit of a stalker. I didn't notice it until I must've clicked on every picture, and Spring, Texas was listed a bunch of times in a row.

Laura said...

She is looking so old all of a sudden. So cute!!!! Maddie is regressing in toilet training too. She has just been in a bad stage. Luckily, those pass!!!!

Ute Family said...

Hey Ashley, I saw on FB that you had a blog. I LOVE them. We have one of our own as well. Cute pics. Love your profile pic with the fingers in your face :) Good to see you!

Sugar and Ice said...

She's a beauty!