Monday, August 25, 2008

1st Day recap

Just as I finished writing that last post, I got a call from the daycare (P's) where I'm going to be working, informing me that I was to have been at work at 8. Huh? I was never told this, I haven't even been through orientation yet. The girl said that they've sent out many emails over the past month, but come to find out that I'm not on the email list because I haven't been through orientation. Ooo-kay. Then talked to the main girl in charge and she informed me that we had set up my schedule back at the interview. Umm, no. We talked about my hours, but nothing was ever set in stone, and I assumed I'd find out after orientation. She basically told me that since I couldn't make the hours she had put me down for, the only thing I could do was be a sub. No steady hours. So, before I even go to class, I'm crying.

First class, I'm not on the roster. Go to the Eled office, and they couldn't find me on the list either. My schedule showed me enrolled in the course, but no one else could find it. Sigh. I then met with my advisor and we tried to work out some different options. I was able to drop the morning dodgeball class, leaving the mornings free to work. Now I'm dropping a few and adding some ESL ones, as long as no one signs up by Thursday morning, blah blah blah.

Had a few hours to kill (that process took awhile), then went to my geography of KS class. The teacher seems interesting, very amiable and excited, so hopefully it should be an interesting class. Then on to Entomology, where we were given a "killing jar," some vials of alchohol, a very large net, and some posting boards. Now I get to collect 200 bugs. Woohoo. I love bugs...Did catch my first one in the garage. For some reason the garage attracts TONS of bugs. Think I could get away with using previously dead bugs? There's a huge spider by my deck at night, not sure if I'm brave enough to go for him though.

Oh, and something fell off of my car when we got home. Some large metal disk which is probably important. It's been a great day.


Leah said...

Oh, *hugs* Sounds like an awful day! I hope thing settle down as the week goes on and your schedule gets worked out. Keep at it though, finishing school will be worth it :-)

I start my first day back tomorrow, and well, I haven to say I hope my day goes a little better than yours did!

Laura said...

It sounds like a horrible day----Paisley will love catching bugs with you----my kids LOVE to catch bugs. Too bad we don't live close, I would have them catch them all for you. Hope it all gets MUCH better SOON. Love, Laura

angie said...

Aw, sorry things didn't work out better. Hopefully things will only go up from here!

Beca said...

I am sorry for such a terrible day. Keep us updated when you can.

Kristin said...

I hope these last couple of days have been better for you