Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dinosaurs are scary

Paisley woke up screaming bloody murder last night about 1am. I finally dragged myself into her room, and she was crying and told me that a dinosaur and spider were biting her. I tried to reassure her that there was nothing that was going to hurt her, held her for awhile, then put her back to bed. Fell back on my bed, and woke up a few minutes later to the same scenario. Went back in and she was totally freaking out, slapping her arms because she thought there was a spider biting her. I must have subconsciously passed my irrational fear of arachnids onto her. I can still remember a dream I had as a child where I was being chased by an ENORMOUS spider in my front yard, enormous like elephant enormous. And of course I couldn’t move. Why IS that? Anyway, P didn’t want to get back into her bed, since that’s where the spiders were, so we lay down on the floor, which was oh so comfortable, with me trying to reassure her that she was fine and that nothing would happen to her. Of course my dumbass cat that can open doors kept trying to get in, startling her out of her relaxation. He finally got shoved and locked in the bathroom. Dumbass. P loves all of her animals, but really freaks if they come in her room at night. We both fell asleep on the floor, I woke up at 2:30 and went back to my room, to get 2.5 more hours of sleep. Paisley slept on the floor all night.

We’re headed to KC tonight, as my brothers and their wives/kids are all in town. I’m excited as we usually see each other twice a year, and I love to show Pais off. Although with my luck she’ll be grumpy and out of control, because isn’t that the way it always goes? Anyway, the point of me mentioning this is because my bro and his wife are expecting a little girl this winter, hopefully with red hair, and whom I believe they should name Ashley. I’m going through Paisley’s clothes to separate them between baby Ashley and my brother in law and sis in law on the other side of the family. They just adopted a baby girl named Isabela. It’s freaking hard to part with these clothes. I was looking through them last night, they’re so small! And some are so hard to part with. But some aren’t. I think I’m keeping the outfit P came home from the hospital in, because how cool would it be to give that to her when she has a baby (uh…huh? She’ll never be old enough to do that). Though this showed the outfit better. Guess not.

Paisley has a monster friend. Actually two, but one is not nice, because it’s big and bites toes. The other one though is nice. I haven’t seen it yet, but P tells me it’s little, yellow, has only 2 eyes (rather than 4), likes to dance, smells like kitties, eats cat food, does NOT bite toes, (sounding a little like big bird to me) and seems like there is something else, but se me olvido.

Pictures coming soon. Really, they are.


angie said...

Poor baby and her nightmares. I haven't expierenced any of that yet with Ava but when we first brought her home from the hospital after her accident I let her sleep in bed with me. I noticed she whimpered a lot which I don't think she did before. I hope she wasn't reliving her trauma in her head.. poor thing!

Sugar and Ice said...

Awww...nightmares are scary! I hope that's not recurrent!

It really would be hard to part with your baby clothes. I figure after Lila wearing hers and then me passing them on to my next babies they probably won't be worth passing on, lol.