Monday, August 25, 2008

A new day

I'm sitting at the library at KSU, getting ready for my first class. I haven't been a full time student since 2002. I'm a little nervous. I miss my job already, and am jealous that someone else is there! My first class today is Health and Movement for children. I don't really have any idea what that entails, I just hope we don't have to play dodgeball. Brings back some awful childhood memories. I have never really been the athletic type...I also have some huge gaps between classes today, like 4 hours. I can't go home, since I live 30 minutes away. Eventually it will be good because I'll have study time, or work time (I'll be working a few hours at Paisley's daycare). I do have a lot to get taken care of on campus, so that should bide my time. And I brought my book, which I'm having a hard time to put down. "Breaking Dawn" by Stephanie Meyer. Girl from Florida mentioned more about it on her blog.

Should say some stuff about Paisley, as she's so darn cute (and wild-she doesn't get that from me). I'll think about it. I have to get to class now.


Laura said...

I hope everything goes well with school and you LOVE all your classes, Laura (No dodgeball!)

angie said...

You'll do great! Kick some early-twenties butt! ;-)

Isabel said...

Good luck with school!!